06 Mar 2022


20 senior centres set up blood pressure testing stations, seniors who need to test their blood pressure regularly can self-help easily

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Jointly launched by SingHealth and Integrated Health Information System (IHiS), the vital signs monitoring kiosks are equipped with a blood pressure monitor, an iPad tablet computer with Health Discovery Plus software installed together with an ID card scanner. The elderly can measure their blood pressure by following the steps on the screen.

Prior to this, the elderly had to go to the community nursing post, where the nurses will assist them with measurement of their blood pressure. Even if they have a blood pressure monitor at home, they must record the readings manually. The kiosk simplifies the testing procedure into seven steps, and the interface has four built-in languages, so that the elderly can check their blood pressure readings themselves and understand what to do next.

The kiosk automatically enters the results into the SingHealth Group's electronic medical record system, allowing medical staff to observe and follow up with the elderly accordingly. In addition, the design of the kiosk was also made convenient for wheelchair users to take their measurements while in a wheelchair.

Zeng Wei Guo (69 years old) is a member of Jalan Kukoh Senior Activity Centre, he starting checking his blood pressure at the kiosk installed in the centre every week since September last year. "The device is easy to use," he said. "You don't have to wait in line at the clinic to take your blood pressure, and you don't have to bother medical staff to do the measurement for you."

At present, a total of 207 seniors use the blood pressure monitoring station, and 53 of them had lower blood pressure one month after the self-test, with an average reduction of 3% in systolic blood pressure.

Ms Stephanie Teo, Director, Community Nursing, SingHealth Office of Regional Health, said: "High blood pressure usually has no obvious symptoms and is difficult to detect. If it is not treated in time, it may lead to serious complications such as stroke, heart failure, organ damage. Therefore, the kiosk is located in Senior Activity Centres which allow the elderly to measure their blood pressure regularly and receive timely treatment when abnormal blood pressure occurs.”

Vincent Lim Jun Wee, a senior staff nurse at SingHealth, said that the community nursing station provides various medical consultation services. Allowing the elderly to check their blood pressure by themselves not only improves the efficiency, but also reduces the burden on medical staff.

20乐龄中心设血压检测站 年长者可随时自行检测

由新保集团和综合保健信息系统公司(IHiS)合作推出的血压检测站,设有血压测量仪、安装了Health Discovery Plus软件的iPad平板电脑,以及身份证扫描器,年长者扫描身份证后,可根据屏幕上的步骤测量血压。







Source: Lianhe Zaobao © Singapore Press Holdings Limited | Reproduced with permission.


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