About GPConnect

GPConnect is a Tier-1 Healthier SG compatible clinic management system (CMS) specifically designed to meet the needs of general practitioners (GPs) in Singapore. With its comprehensive range of features and user-friendly interface, GPConnect serves as a vital tool for GPs and their clinic assistants, streamlining daily clinic operations from patient registration and consultations to medicine dispensation and billing in tandem with MOH policy changes.

 GPConnect also serves as an electronic medical record (EMR) system with several features that enhance efficiency and ensure the seamless management of patient information. With the EMR, GPs can now store their medical records digitally, thereby facilitating easy retrieval and analysis while eliminating the need for physical storage space.

 Since its introduction in 2017, over 200 GP clinics have adopted GPConnect and experienced its numerous benefits first-hand.

 As a Tier-1 Healthier SG compatible CMS, GPConnect offers:

NEHR Contribution Capability SmartCMS (Business-as-Usual Services) SmartCMS (Healthier SG Services) Compliance to CMS Cybersecurity Requirements Adherence to Code of Practice for CMS Data Portability
Integrated with the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) system to facilitate sharing of summary patient records across healthcare providers for care continuity. Integrated with the SmartCMS gateway to deliver web services under the CHAS and Clinical programmes. Integrated with the SmartCMS gateway to deliver web services under the Healthier SG programme. Recognised as a CSA Cyber Essentials certified CMS vendor for implementing strong cyber hygiene practices to protect its operations and users from common cyber threats. Declared to adhere to the Code of Practice on CMS data portability to facilitate GP clinics intending to switch subscriptions to another CMS vendor to uphold the fidelity of patient records.
Direct links to many national systems 

Improved safety via customisable alerts for allergies/interactions 

Supports one shared patient record via NEHR 


GPConnect at a glance


Clinicians use multiple systems to assist them in daily operations. For example, clinic staff have to submit claims and update patients’ records manually. On top of being labour-intensive, clinicians may also miss out on updating their patients’ records.  

With the lack of information flow points to GPConnect, there is a need to help GPs be more efficient in their daily work, so that they can spend more time addressing patients’ needs. 


GPConnect supports GPs and clinic staff in the clinic’s operations – from patient registration, consultation, medicine dispensing, billing, claims submissions and data contribution to key national healthcare systems such as the NEHR. It also helps GPs store their patients’ medical records electronically, enabling easier retrieval and analysis while freeing up physical storage space previously used for paper records. 


Apart from helping GPs to be more efficient in their daily work, GPConnect provides clinical decision support, such as customisable alerts for allergy and drug interactions. Electronic prescription of medication also helps to improve dispensation accuracy. GPConnect seamlessly transmits relevant patient data to the NEHR, helping patients to build a longitudinal medical history for their continuity of care across different healthcare settings. 

Future Outlook

GPConnect is committed to being an HSG-compatible CMS system. Looking ahead, respective functions will be added to assist clinics with HSG requirements (e.g. enrolment, health plans).

More lab Integration
We are working to have more labs integrated with GPConnect. Existing labs available in GPConnect includes Innoquest, Eurofins and Reste.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to join as a clinic
    To encourage digitisation which offers a host of benefits, the GPConnect solution comes bundled with net of grant subscription*, End User Computing (EUC) support and a single helpdesk to support both software and hardware issues. IHiS also provides training and support, including onsite support during the go-live day, to support a smoother on-boarding journey. For GPs who want to learn more about GPConnect, please email us at GPIT@synapxe.sg.

    *Net of grant subscription refers to the amount you pay after the grant provided by MOH.
  • How to join as a laboratory
    Get integrated with GPConnect today to offer your clients quicker and seamless access to patients’ laboratory test results! By partnering with GPConnect, the clinics on the programme will now have the option to work with your laboratory and receive the results electronically with shorter waiting time. To find out more, reach out to the GPConnect team at GPIT@synapxe.sg, with your company name, contact number and email address.
  • What is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system
    An electronic medical records (EMR) system stores data about a medical patient including tests, diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments and immunisation history.



“I onboarded GPConnect when digitising my clinic in 2019. Over this time, two of our clinic doctors and I have found this system to be very useful in our daily practice. It has also increased our productivity and efficiency. GPConnect also has excellent support staff who provided me with peace of mind. This has been proven true, in the rare occasion when any troubleshooting or IT assistance is required. I sincerely find that this system has met my clinical needs well.”


“With GPConnect, I find that productivity has increased, and less time is needed to access or file records. I’m very happy that I chose to digitise with GPConnect. My staff, too, are able to do their work more efficiently. In fact, even if I had wanted to go back to paper records now, I don’t think they would allow me to.”


“We have adopted various CMS systems over the years. What we like about our current CMS and GPConnect, is the direct NEHR access to patient information via context switch. The auto flow of CDMP care components to MOH also saves time and effort in complying with CDMP requirements.”


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