Age Well SG (ASG) is a national programme led by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to support seniors to age well in their homes and their communities.

A long-term programme that will be progressively implemented, ASG will see a comprehensive nationwide transformation across the areas of housing, transport, active ageing and care services to anchor ageing in the community.

As part of the ASG programme, the Active Ageing Centres (AAC) service model will evolve to provide integrated social and health support for all seniors. The new service model, known as AAC2.0, requires AACs to automate and integrate their processes with the MOH's national IT systems for more seamless care delivery and submission of data to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and MOH. 

With that, AACs will need to either adopt a new IT system or enhance their existing IT systems with the capabilities to support the necessary system interfaces for regular and effective data sharing, to meet the new service requirements and reporting.

For more details on the Age Well SG programme, you may refer to

Establish long-term partnerships to support AACs

Be recognised as a provider of ASG-compatible IT systems


ASG-compatible AAC IT System Qualification Framework

MOH and Synapxe are looking to establish long-term sustainable relationships with IT partners that would be able to support AACs in their multi-year ASG journey. IT partners are required to meet all the prevailing mandatory requirements under the ASG-compatible AAC IT System Qualification Framework from functional, technical, cybersecurity and AAC2.0 capability perspectives.

Eventually, all AACs will be regulated to adopt a whitelisted ASG-compatible AAC IT system that best suits their needs, and comply with the AAC2.0 service model requirements.

The ASG-compatible AAC IT System Qualification Framework will be updated progressively to incorporate additional features as requirements evolve. Find out more about the framework below.

For clarifications on mandatory requirements, please email Synapxe ASG Partner Engagement ( 


 ASG-compatible AAC IT System Qualification Framework (effective from Oct 2024)
Functional Requirements Equipped with the necessary system capabilities to provide support to an AAC’s daily operations.
Integration Requirements Integration with web services under the ASG programme to automate data sharing between AACs and MOH / AIC / Bundled Providers (i.e. service providers in the community care sector) with consistent data standards for reporting.
Cybersecurity Compliance to CMS Cybersecurity requirements in line with the MOH Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials (HCSE) guidelines that were issued to healthcare licensees.
AAC IT System Data Portability Adherent to Code of Practice on AAC IT System Data Portability, which sets out rules of engagement between the outgoing vendor, incoming vendor, and AACs with regards to data migration.


We are looking for IT partners who are currently serving the AAC, Senior Care Centre (SCC) or Community Care sectors. If you meet the requirements, we welcome you to join us now!

Click here to apply to be an IT partner for the ASG programme.

Briefing session

There will be an ASG Tech Briefing for IT Partners jointly conducted by MOH, Synapxe, and AIC. Kindly refer to the details below.

ASG Tech Briefing for IT Partners
Date 22 Mar 2024, Friday 
Time 10:30am - 12pm SGT
Venue Hybrid

Upon receiving your registration, briefing details will be sent to you via the registered email address.

Should you have any queries, please write to us at Synapxe ASG Partner Engagement (


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any way for my company to find out more about this programme before I decide to participate?
    You may send  your queries to Synapxe ASG Partner Engagement ( Should you need to speak to us, please leave your contact in your query. We will reach out to you soon.
  • What are the benefits to my company for joining the ASG programme?

    The following are the potential benefits for companies enrolled to the ASG programme:

    • Enable your IT system to better serve your AAC clients, by providing them an integrated means to perform the necessary system interfaces for regular and effective data sharing, and to meet the new service and reporting requirements.
    • Your IT system will be recognised and whitelisted as an ASG-compatible AAC IT system upon successfully meeting all criteria set under the qualification framework for ASG programme. AACs will be regulated to adopt an ASG-compatible AAC IT system to support their participation in ASG by onboarding the ASG service model.
  • Will my company be reimbursed or funded for work undertaken relating to ASG programme?

    No funding or any form of reimbursement will be provided to the IT providers/companies for work undertaken for ASG programme.

    AACs can apply for the AAC IT grant, which is a one-time funding support to help defray the cost of adopting an ACC IT system or upgrading their existing IT system with capabilities to meet the AAC service needs.




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