To enhance speed-to-market, HealthX has launched the Outcome-Based Spiral Contracting Framework for successful innovations to scale faster, facilitating expedient deployment while balancing governance and transparency. 

Initial co-investments that supported the successful pilots can also effectively scale to better accrue benefits to the rest of the public healthcare institutions. This will enable them to do so in a timely and cost-effective manner that does not undermine market competition and transparency. 

This framework starts from “Call-for-Innovation” to invite industry partners to submit proposals through an open and fair competition on HealthX platform. Shortlisted partner(s) will begin the innovation cycle with prototyping. With this Outcome-Based Spiral Contracting Framework, an industry partner can be awarded with spiral contracts through to the operationalisation stage with successful outcomes met at each stage.


Key Stages


Connect with us for queries relating to the framework. Start your innovation journey with us today!


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