About Healthcare Cloud (H-Cloud)

Healthcare Cloud (H-Cloud) is a consolidated, cloud computing platform supporting healthcare staff at all public hospitals, eight specialty centres, polyclinics and nursing homes, to retrieve and access patient records.

H-Cloud is the public healthcare's first private cloud setup that reduces operational costs and improves infrastructure availability to 99.95%.

H-Cloud is ISO 20000-1 (Information Technology Service Management) and 27001 (Information Security Management System) certified. These international certifications help to assure all stakeholders that H-Cloud processes follow industry best practices

Enhanced operational efficiency and higher resiliency

Cost savings for healthcare institutions and patients

Well-equipped to defend and detect cybersecurity threats


H-Cloud at a glance


Previously, each hospital had its own data centre, network and IT infrastructure. These disparate network and IT infrastructure and their significant differences often led to delays in sharing of patient information between the healthcare institutions, and were costly to maintain.

Synapxe launched H-Cloud to rationalise the local Data Centres (DCs) with a modernised cloud-technology DC to serve all public hospitals.


H-Cloud is developed as a nation-wide private cloud that supports all the applications used by Singapore's healthcare clusters.

The platform uses an active-active configuration across two data centres to provide clinicians with the 24 by 7 uptime, within a cost-effective and well-utilised pool of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resource. H-Cloud also has a robust defence mechanism to defend and detect potential cybersecurity threats.


Public healthcare institutions can now deploy application systems in a faster, cheaper and greener way as compared to traditional methods. More importantly, this translates to an enhanced patient experience and patient safety. H-Cloud also significantly reduces unplanned downtimes, and minimises disruptions to the hospitals' operations.

Future Outlook

We aim to increase H-Cloud’s automation to focus more on running applications to improve efficiency, rather than daily operations.

The current automation includes a self-service H-Cloud Portal, complete with workflows for subscription, billing, and an IT service management suite of incident, problem and change control. H-Cloud will streamline processes and manual tasks, including virtual machine provisioning, management of firewall, and network segregation.


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