About Command, Control and Communications (C3) system

The Command, Control and Communications (C3) system functions as the brain of the hospital. It can sense, think, and optimise patient flow and care delivery to enable the best care for every patient, in real time.

The C3 system’s primary focus is to coordinate flow, by adopting a more holistic view to the hospital ecosystem. It delivers four core capabilities – 

  1. Monitoring and sensing of ground situation
  2. Decision support to provide actionable insights and facilitate informed decisions
  3. Patient flow optimisation via prescriptive analytics
  4. Autonomy to self-learn and self-execute standard operating procedures (SOPs) with application of artificial intelligence
Round-the-clock monitoring through data and video feeds

Leverages AI and machine learning for resource planning

Video analytics and image recognition to support crowd control


C3 system at a glance


Previously, there was no system in the market that could provide and manage the end-to-end flow of hospital operations. To improve efficiency, there was a need for a single system to provide real-time visibility of patient flow, staff deployment, resources and a bird’s eye view of the ground situation to decision makers. 


Much like an airport control tower, the C3 system allows hospitals to predict situations before they happen and adapt operations based on historical and forecasted data insights. By processing data from multiple source systems, C3 presents meaningful insights on a centralised video wall. AI is used to predict potential choke points and identify the most optimal resolution approach for evidence-based management decisions.


The ability for round-the-clock monitoring through data and video feeds allows hospitals to track the movement of patient, staff and inventory, including essential medical supplies, to guide decision-making. C3 has been instrumental in keeping the hospital one step ahead in managing bed capacity and lab testing capability, and deployment of manpower resources before and during the peak COVID-19 period.

Future Outlook

C3 is a national system. We are in the midst of scaling it to other Public Healthcare Institutions in Singapore. This will help the Ministry of Health manage and optimise resources across Public Healthcare Institutions in future. 


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