About NUHS app

The NUHS app acts as a digital front door to the National University Health Systems (NUHS). Co-created by NUHS and Synapxe, the app was first designed to empower patients with health services such as making appointments, payment and medication orders. To evolve with the changing healthcare landscape in Singapore, the teams behind the NUHS app have since been working hard to expand the capabilities of the app to provide personalised information about patients’ health, as well as to promote healthy living, among others. The NUHS app aims to become an integral health companion that supports the health of patients and Singapore residents, from prevention to recovery.

Offer convenience of self-service

Empower patients to manage their own health

Provide personalised care management plan to promote healthy living


NUHS app at a glance


NUHS is embarking on a service transformation journey for patients and staff. Key to it is leveraging digital technology to develop the NUHS app that aims to simplify and bring convenience throughout the patient’s journey.


Synapxe adopted an agile approach using a multi-phased, values-driven and product-oriented (MVP) design methodology for NUHS app.

The app development was based on Cloud Native Architecture and serverless model using Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed services. It uses mobile native and single page application to deliver rich user experience and faster responses – also providing a reference for other Synapxe-managed mobile app implementation.


Apart from offering the convenience of self-service, the app empowers patients to be more interested in managing their own health, as they are able to personalise their care management plan. The NUHS app also provides timesaving and efficiency, as counter staff who previously had to perform administrative tasks can now be deployed to perform higher-value added tasks, such as promoting digital literacy among the elderly and other clinical duties.

Future Outlook

The team looks to enhance existing functionalities and build new features that improve the lives of our users. It is also working towards developing an ecosystem of partners who share a common vision in developing the app.



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“We are delighted with the speed at which we launched our NUHS mobile app and the positive feedback received. This would not have been possible without the tireless commitment of every single member of the NUHS and Synapxe teams to the NUHS Service Transformation journey. We are excited with the possibilities that the app offers for us to transform care delivery and reach out to patients and residents in the west.”

Clara Sin

Chief Operating Officer, NUHS Service Transformation


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