About Video Consultation Platform

The Video Consultation Platform (VCP) leverages video conferencing technology to allow patients to remotely consult their healthcare professionals.

Patients benefit from a seamless experience with automated notification of appointment via SMS or mobile app, as well as direct activation of Video Consultation (VC) sessions from mobile devices.

Consultation sessions with clinicians can be performed from the comfort and safety of patients’ homes. It is a step forward in enabling the shift of care beyond the hospitals to the communities and homes.

VCP also enables the clinicians and clinic operators to achieve greater efficiency through unifying VC services with existing systems and backend process automation.


Enables convenience and safety for patients and clinicians 

Enhances healthcare productivity 

Leverages digital tools to facilitate patient-doctor interactions 

Uses safe and secured platform with end-to-end encryption 


Video Consultation PLATFORM at a glance

With the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and an ageing population, the healthcare sector needs to mitigate the increasing physical hospital admissions and clinic visits, and to alleviate the pressure on physical resources. Video Consultation (VC), together with Remote Clinical Monitoring (RCM), leverage the latest technology to enable patient care without them being physically in healthcare premises.
Various services, such as patient management systems and development platform features, were integrated into a consolidated VC platform to provide seamless patients and clinicians experience. The solution allows for notification of appointments to be sent via SMS or mobile application and direct activation of VC sessions on mobile devices. The virtual session uses end-to-end encryption to ensure a safe and secure platform for use.
Through VCP, patients are connected to their healthcare professionals for remote consultation sessions, such as patient assessment and diagnosis, medical counseling and therapy sessions, and receive timely and appropriate care. In addition, clinicians and support staff can enjoy a smoother workflow through integration with their patient appointment systems that displays their appointment list and launches the VC sessions directly with each patient.

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