About Electronic Health Intelligence System (eHints)

The SingHealth-Synapxe Electronic Health Intelligence System (eHints) is a digital platform that aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery by integrating and analysing data from multiple healthcare transactional systems including Administration, Clinical and Ancillary systems. It is designed to provide healthcare professionals with timely information, allowing for more accurate diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. The system also leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify unusual patterns and support clinical decision-making.

Single data repository integrating quality data from various sources

Supports automation, “self-service” and drill-down capabilities

Easier and safer access to data with access control framework

A single source of truth to support analytics tools and use cases


Electronic Health Intelligence System (eHINTS) at a glance


Data preparation can be a labor intensive process, requiring significant time and effort to access the information. This can result in operational inefficiencies and reduced productivity. To address this, a centralised platform that integrates data from various sources is required to streamline reporting, data analysis, decision making, planning as well as resource management.


eHints is a data management tool that consolidates, integrates and harmonises key data across the SingHealth network, empowering users with data-driven insights. It is tailored to users’ requirements, allowing them to analyse data at the desired level of granularity. With eHints’ self-service drill-down capabilities, users can identify unusual occurrences in clinical conditions or day-to-day administration. eHints also provides management with timely information and performance metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions.


With a single repository containing both business and patient data, eHints allows staff to make better informed decisions, resulting in improved patient outcomes. By providing easy access to quality data, eHints also improves operational efficiency, staff productivity, resource allocation and cost management. eHints has proven to be effective in reducing overcrowding and managing wait times for patients at the Accident & Emergency units. It has also helped to reduce out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for patients.

Future Outlook

With the emergence of big data and the Internet of Things, new capabilities and tools are being added to eHints to support the increasing complexity of data as well as strengthen the resiliency of the systems.

Following SingHealth Analytics Landscape Study, eHints will be further modernised to support SingHealth’s current and future analytics as well as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning needs. 


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