About Health Discovery+

Health Discovery+ (HD+) enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ health by tracking their vital signs and clinical parameters such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and steps count.

User-friendly mobile app with Bluetooth device integration  

Comprehensive dashboard for healthcare professionals 

Access via both mobile app and kiosks at community locations  


Health Discovery+ at a glance


A rapidly ageing population with increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and healthcare needs has accelerated the healthcare sector’s migration from physical hospital admissions and clinic visits to Remote Clinical Monitoring (RCM). Together with Video Consultation (VC), RCM leverages the latest technology for patients to access comparable quality of care from the comfort of their homes. 


Data captured by patients (whether via Bluetooth devices or manually) flows to HD+ backend system and is presented on HD+ dashboard for healthcare professionals based on clinical protocols. 

Healthcare professionals can use HD+ to send push notifications, programmable educational messages or surveys to patients.  They can also track tasks/alerts and document their care interventions for patients.  


More than 10,000 patients and 1,000 healthcare professional users benefit from RCM with: 

  • Reduced clinic visits and hospital readmissions
  • Improved access to care with the convenience and comfort from home or workplace.
  • Improved efficiency for healthcare professionals

During COVID-19, the prototype of HD+ was also used in Community Care Facilities to monitor COVID patients’ vital signs remotely and intelligently flags patients who need intervention 24/7, keeping healthcare workers safer by reducing contact with infected patients. 

Future Outlook

Many patients and healthcare professionals have experienced the benefits of Telehealth, especially since COVID-19. More RCM programmes are expected to tap on the capability of HD+ with wider adoption. 


Use Cases of Health Discovery+  



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