Prescription in Locker Box (PILBOX) is a service that lets patients or their caregivers collect repeat prescription refills from automated secure lockers located outside the polyclinics any time, without having to queue and wait at the polyclinics’ pharmacies.



The inspiration for PILBOX came from seeing how e-commerce customers collect online purchases at their convenience. However, unlike those parcels, there can be no mistakes with medication. As patient safety is a top priority, PILBOX has two built-in rounds of authentication for depositing and collecting each prescription. Tests were also conducted to locate hotspots in the lockers to ensure the medicines are stored at the right temperature and humidity conditions.

Patient safety for depositing/collecting medicine

Self-cooling system to regulate temperature and humidity

Reduces waiting time and improves convenience for patients


PILBOX at a glance


Patients previously encountered longer waiting times and congestion at the pharmacy, while some patients with repeat medication may be unable to make a trip to the pharmacy during the polyclinics’ operating hours. Inspired by how e-commerce customers collect online purchases at their convenience, a similar concept was explored for healthcare and PILBOX was developed.


Patients can easily sign up for PILBOX with pharmacy staff, drop their prescription slips at the pharmacy and schedule a date to collect their repeat medication. SMS reminders will be sent to patients when the medication is ready for collection. The medicines will be put into lockers manually by pharmacists. On the day of collection, patients or caregivers pay for their medication and collect their medication from the assigned locker.


PILBOX has reduced a patient’s waiting time at polyclinics’ pharmacies by 40 per cent, or about 25 mins. 24/7 collection also provides greater convenience to patients. 

Healthcare providers’ productivity is improved, allowing them to focus on other patient enquiries. Over time, staff can be deployed to provide other services, which enables manpower savings.



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