About Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP)

The Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP) serves as a one-stop portal for COVID-19 related operations in the primary care setting. PRPP digitises pandemic-related processes carried out in General Practitioner (GP) clinics. These include identifying patient risk level, supporting swab registration for ART and PCR tests, online referral to other swab centres, and facilitating COVID-19 vaccination. Besides enabling GPs to view swab results and send automated notification of results to doctors and patients, PRPP also digitises the pre-visit declaration process for GPs. This helps to standardise clinics’ assessment for COVID-19 risk and triage of patients based on their conditions, travel history, contact history and clinic visit history.

Facilitates clinic’s assessment for COVID-19 risk

Eliminates manual processes

Integrates with MOH COVID Testing Ops and Vaccination Ops


Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP) at a glance


When COVID-19 first broke out in early 2020s, GP clinics were among the first line of defence – all across the country, they saw patients who exhibited symptoms or who had just came back from countries with high rates of infection. To manage COVID-19 effectively on a national scale, the authorities needed to be sent patient information quickly and accurately. A more efficient way of capturing and reporting this data was necessary.


PRPP automatically assigns patients’ risk levels based on their conditions, as well as travel, contact and clinic visit histories. It also includes symptom reporting, integrated swab referrals to Polyclinics/Regional Screening Centres, notification of suspected COVID-19 patients, multi-language declaration form, and integration with COVID-19 Test Repository for swab results. The vaccination module allows GP clinics to offer COVID vaccinations.


The automation provided by PRPP helped to ease the workload of GPs while keeping their patients and staff safe. The solution also enabled the Ministry of Health to facilitate the eventual lifting of the circuit breaker measures with PRPP enhancements to support Antigen Rapid Test (ART) results notifications to enable early isolation and adverse event or allergy reporting for COVID-19 vaccination.

Future Outlook

Since its launch, PRPP has been enhanced to better support Singapore’s COVID-19 swab and vaccination operations, including submitting patient’s medical ineligibility for National Vaccination Programme (NVP) COVID-19 vaccines and evolving COVID-19 policies so as to enable stronger national surveillance in Singapore’s effort against COVID-19.


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