15 Dec 2022

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My life as a new mum is now easier with this digital health app

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I remember the first time I stepped foot into a polyclinic just after giving birth with my newborn baby back then. 

I was blurry eyed from sleepless nights and still had aches from giving birth. Luckily, my recent visit to the polyclinic was quick and seamless - all thanks to the HealthHub mobile app. 

Not only was I able to book an appointment in advance, but I was also able to whisk my baby home immediately after and settle the bill via the app digitally. 

As a new mum, I cannot be more grateful for the digitalisation of healthcare services as this means that I do not have to calm a crying newborn in public while having to settle all the administration.

Visit the following link for the full article: https://mothership.sg/2022/12/healthhub-digital-app/

Source: Mothership | Reproduced with permission


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