15 Jan 2024


Shaping health: Synapxe’s AWS-backed lab launch

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Image source: DALL·E 3

Synapxe and AWS have collaborated on the HealthX Co-Innovation Lab to push public healthcare institutions to develop and actualise novel healthcare ideas.

Glenn Neo, Synapxe’s Director of Innovation Capabilities Enablement, said that the HealthX Innovation Sandbox aims to empower public healthcare entities and industry technology organisations. HealthX Startup Day saw Synapxe and AWS receiving 59 proposals from 50 start-ups, focused on enhancing the productivity of healthcare providers and population health. Synapxe is currently working with SoundEye for a portable fall monitoring device.

View the full article here: https://www.frontier-enterprise.com/shaping-health-synapxes-aws-backed-lab-launch/


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