02 Aug 2021


5 tech tools behind Singapore’s vaccine rollout

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GovInsider published an interview with IHiS Assistant Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman of the VacTech Workgroup to feature IHiS’ efforts in VacTech.

The article highlighted GPConnect as the backbone supporting VacOps for more than 65 providers across the island, including primary care clinics and vaccination centres. GPConnect takes care of the entire vaccination process: from registration and screening to vaccination and post-vaccination observation.

To support home vaccination teams, IHiS also created an “ultra-lightweight” portal that mirrors GPConnect for healthcare workers to use on iPads. In addition, IHiS built tools to automatically identify data inconsistencies as well as integrated GPC with the national appointment system built by GovTech.

Once vaccinated, citizens can easily view their status and records online in HealthHub, a one-stop portal managed by IHiS.

Visit the following link for the full article:https://govinsider.asia/future-of-health/alan-goh-ihis-5-tech-tools-behind-singapores-vaccine-rollout/


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