How is Synapxe bridging the gap between technology and healthcare, with Gen AI?

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Synapxe Director, Christine Ang and NHG Consultant, Dr Gary Ang, sharing about GenAI on MoneyFM interview

In an interview with MoneyFM 89.3, Christine Ang, Synapxe Director of Data aNalytics & Ai, shared how Synapxe leverages cutting-edge technology, especially AI, to improve healthcare delivery, access, and outcomes. She was joined by Dr Gary Ang, Consultant at National Healthcare Group, who provided insights to how GenAI is a transformative tool in the public healthcare sector. He also shared how Synapxe raises awareness and adoption of GenAI in the sector through the GenAIus Programme. Integral to the Programme is the GenAIus Challenge which he is a participant of.

By fostering collaborations across the healthcare ecosystem, Synapxe is committed to creating a seamless, integrated healthcare experience for everyone. An example of one key AI initiative that Synapxe has launched with the Health Sciences of Authority is the award-winning Active Surveillance System for Adverse Reactions to Medicines and Vaccines (ASAR), the first nationwide application that uses AI to proactively monitor, detect and validate drug safety signals to ensure the safety of the public health in Singapore. GenAI and telemedicine are two future trends Synapxe is driving, as it believes will shape the future of healthcare.

View the full interview here.


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