01 Nov 2023


Internet connectivity at Public Healthcare Institutions restored

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No evidence to suggest data and internal networks have been compromised

From 4.30pm on 1 November 2023, internet connectivity at public healthcare institutions have been progressively restored. By 5.15pm, most of the affected services were restored.

2. At about 9.20am on 1 November, services requiring internet connectivity at public healthcare institutions, including websites, emails, and a few internet facing applications, became inaccessible.

3. Clinical services and operations at the public healthcare institutions, such as access to patient records and appointment systems, remained accessible and unaffected throughout the disruption, and patient care had not been compromised.

4. Investigations into the outage of internet connectivity are ongoing. We have found no evidence to indicate that our data and internal networks have been compromised.

5. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank everyone for your patience.


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