About HealthHub

HealthHub is a one-stop platform for digital health that can be conveniently accessed via the online portal or mobile application. Moving beyond healthcare to health, HealthHub equips citizens with information on medical conditions, medical listings and secure access to health records at their fingertips.

Citizens are able to manage their medical appointments and view their key medical records, including hospital discharge summary, lab test results (chronic diseases), screening records, future medical appointments and their children's health records.

HealthHub was developed by Synapxe and supported by MOH Holdings and Public Healthcare Institutions.

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HealthHub at a glance


There is a need to provide seamless access to the various healthcare services and records across the public healthcare clusters for residents to better manage their health.

With HealthHub as the national platform for health-related topics, there is also increasing consumer demand for nationally harmonised health information.


HealthHub is a digital platform consisting a web portal and a mobile application that provides nationally harmonised health information and healthcare e-Services.

It is integrated with key healthcare systems such as the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) and the National Billing System to allow a synchronised viewing of records, appointments, bills and more.


HealthHub provides users with access to a wide range of reliable and personalised health-related content and e-services at their fingertips.

Users can perform health transactions, such as make e-payments, book or reschedule polyclinic appointments, register for queue number, medication refills and view lab test results, for themselves and on behalf of their dependents and care recipients.

Future Outlook

There are continuous improvements to HealthHub to better engage the users and help shape a healthier nation through improving residents’ digital health literacy.

For example, the HealthHub team is working to further enable self-health management and patient empowerment by expanding the health records made available on the app, with a focus on customer-centricity to meet the users’ needs.



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