About Nursing Home IT Enablement Programme (NHELP)

Nursing Home IT Enablement Programme (NHELP) is designed to support patient care in nursing homes and enhance operational efficiency. It focuses on Patient Management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

The NHELP Clinical and Medication system is used to record, monitor and manage the care of residents. It ensures timely retrieval of residents’ care plan and care assessments, as relevant medication details are auto populated in the residents’ clinical forms.

The NHELP Finance system manages the residents’ subsidy schemes and billing, and is interfaced with NHELP Clinical and Medication system.

In addition, NHELP Human Resource system manages staff payroll, leave management, renumeration, attendance, etc.

Access to personalised homepage for residents’ information

Access to clinical care and medication information

Streamlined prescription and administrative workflow

Connected to national healthcare systems


Nursing Home IT Enablement ProgramME at a glance

Patient records were in hard copy format, which led to misplacement or duplication of information, causing clinical staff to spend more time gathering and compiling the information.

Communication between clinical staff were also not in real-time, which have resulted in communication gaps. Additionally, there was a lack of automatic messages and alerts to prompt clinical staff to follow up on necessary assessments or incidents.
NHELP is interfaced with the connectivity and inter-operability with IT systems in Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Health Holding (MOHH) and Agency of Integrated Care (AIC).

NHELP consists of Single Sign On (SSO), Clinical and Medication, Finance and Human Resource modules. These are connected to the national systems like Electronic Referral System (IRMS), Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) Portal and National Electronic Health Record (NEHR).
NHELP has enabled clinical staff to access information and respond to nursing home residents’ care and progress efficiently.

With NHELP, staff no longer spend hours on manual documentation, but have more time to care for residents. Residents’ data can also be accessed remotely.

By interfacing with NEHR, NHELP also improves the accuracy of residents’ data, allowing clinicians to review their history of medications and drug allergies.
Future Outlook
NHELP was piloted in Singapore Christian Home in April 2015. It has been further implemented in 43 nursing homes islandwide.

After being hosted under H-Cloud for eight years, NHELP will transition to an external commercial platform in 2024. NHELP will continue to serve its purpose through a different business model, managed by current solution vendor, and continues to improvise its day-to-day operations.

Discover how the NHELP supports patient care and enhances operational efficiency for nursing homes


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