20 Oct 2020


GPConnect: Optimising features to better support COVID-19 CCF operations

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The GPConnect platform has been supporting CCF@Expo by leveraging the efficiency and flexibility of its integrated Clinic Management System (CMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The team continues to optimise the solution to fit the evolving workflow of users at the Expo as well as the newer CCFs at Tuas South and D’Resort through six software releases to date. The key enhancements are:

1. Integration of GPConnect with Health Discovery for real-time data transmission of patient admission, discharge information and provider-taken vital signs monitoring (VSM) information that are displayed in Health Discovery’s dashboard immediately. This saves more time for VSM account-provisioning and provides more complete data for compliance tracking.

2. Automation of pre-registration (patient profile and/or visit registration) and bulk discharges to address the high volume of daily admissions and discharges (Many discharges are done without the need for a final clinician consult.). These automations have completely eliminated the time taken by users to manually enter the data, thus saving a significant portion of their effort (from 2.5 minutes to two seconds per patient record) while also providing clinicians with accurate VSM data for their dashboard monitoring.

3. Increased the number of laboratories integrated with GPConnect for e-lab results, from two (Quest Laboratories and Innovative Diagnostics) to nine (addition of 4 SingHealth labs, 1 NHG lab and 2 NUHS labs (technical go-live).

4. Introduction of a web-based version of GPConnect - “GPCLite” - that can run on iPads and tablets and enable clinicians to use fewer keystrokes to update patient’s records with simple clicks. This new capability better supports the NUHS clinicians who are operating in a challenging environment posed by the physical infrastructure challenges at CCF@Tuas South including limited powerpoints, multi-storey facilities with no lifts, and more. The mobility and optimised data entry provides clinicians the much needed efficiency and convenience in attending to patients’ needs in that environment.


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