26 Dec 2023

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Inspiring tomorrow’s health: Unveiling Synapxians’ 2024 health resolutions

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“This year, I will hit the gym at least twice a week!” Was this you at the start of 2023? 

As we welcome the new year with open arms, our focus naturally shifts to setting our goals and resolutions for the coming year. According to Forbes Health, there is an upsurge in commitment to improve fitness and physical health in 2024. Health and well-being take centre stage on many of our checklists as we contemplate and reorganise our priorities. 

At Synapxe, we firmly believe that a healthy team will contribute to the vitality of the workplace. Hence, we engaged some Synapxians during their morning coffee, seeking insights into their new-year health resolutions. Read on for inspiration on setting healthy goals to kickstart the new year! 

Commit to quality sleep   

“Good sleep is the foundation of good health." Both Mayer, from the Backroom Ops team, and Seri, our systems analyst, spoke about prioritising sleep and ensuring that they receive an adequate amount of rest to be more energised throughout the day. 

Prioritising mental health 

Seri mentioned that she would love to travel more in the new year. Taking a break from the hustle and immersing oneself in a new environment or culture can alleviate stress. Travelling with friends or family also provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships.  

At Synapxe, we empower employees to tailor their working schedules to promote work-life harmony and enhance mental wellbeing. An Employee Assistance Programme was also set up to provide confidential counselling helpline and support services for employees to navigate mental health and wellbeing challenges. 

Choose an active lifestyle 

The top-mentioned resolution was to remain active and head outdoors. Many Synapxians, like Lijun, Manager from our Backroom Ops team, aim to run consistently! Jason, our software engineer, shares similar sentiments and has added completing a full marathon to his 2024 bucket list, challenging himself further after completing a half-marathon in 2023. 

Abhishek and Kian Wee, Assistant Lead Engineers from the Infrastructure Services and NGEMR teams, respectively, share their commitment to hitting the gym more regularly in the upcoming year. Kian Wee envisions dedicating time for at least three gym sessions a week once his ongoing project goes live and stabilises.  This also serves as a public service announcement to all desk-bound professionals to regularly take a break, stand, and stretch! Consider setting alarm reminders for brief 10-minute breaks throughout the day before resuming work. 

Mindful nutrition and conscious hydration habits 

Reflecting on dietary choices in 2023, Blake, our SEED team intern hopes that he can cultivate healthier eating habits like incorporating fruits into his meals in the new year. Elizza from the Backroom Ops team hopes to remember to drink water regularly throughout her busy schedule and cultivate a habit of staying hydrated.  

Regular health check-ups for preventive care 

Wan, a member of our NGEMR team, stresses the importance of regular health check-ups. She encourages everyone to be mindful of their own health and seek professional advice to determine the best steps to take in maintaining one’s overall health. 

It’s important to note that small steps lead to remarkable transformations. As you embark on the new year, let these health goals shared by Synapxians inspire you to make health-conscious choices! 


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