15 Feb 2024

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Meet Jonas Png, 2023 SgIS Healthcare Scholar

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Jonas Png, Bachelor in Computing (Computer Science)

How did you get interested in Computer Science?

Both of my parents are professionals in the field of computer science. The frequent mention of computer science terminologies at home naturally sparked my curiosity, igniting an interest within me. I then embarked on my coding journey by constructing my own web applications. As I delved deeper, I realised that I had cultivated a genuine passion for computer science, mirroring the passion that my parents possessed.

Why did you apply for the SgIS Scholarship?

My career aspiration is to pursue a career in HealthTech which was greatly influenced by my father who is a healthcare database engineer at Synapxe. Growing up, I witnessed first-hand the impact that his work in the healthcare sector has had on the lives of others. The most memorable project that my father worked on was the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System. Before EMR, doctors relied on the traditional method of jotting down patient information using pen and paper. It was a time-consuming process that sometimes led to errors in documentation.

However, with the introduction of EMR, everything changed, doctors embraced the digital era and started using computer systems to manage patient data. The transition from manual note-taking to digital record-keeping streamlined their workflow and reduced the chances of mistakes. Observing the profound positive difference he made in the healthcare industry by improving consistency and efficiency of healthcare records through digitalisation became a source of inspiration for me.

Hence, I applied for this scholarship as it provides me the opportunity to join Synapxe where I hope to work with other HealthTech professionals on ground-breaking projects aimed at digitalising, connecting, and analysing Singapore's health ecosystem. It would not only enable me to contribute to the advancement of HealthTech but also empower me to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals within my community.

What are your future aspirations for HealthTech?

In the future, I imagine that the landscape of HealthTech will be transformed by the integration of AI-driven diagnostics. Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms will serve as the backbone of medical diagnosis, revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. These AI systems will possess the capability to rapidly and accurately analyse an individual's medical data, including imaging scans, lab results, and historical health information.

What are you looking forward to when you join Synapxe?

I am currently specialising in Computer Security and Artificial Intelligence. I look forward to working with other HealthTech professionals on projects that harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and computer security to improve healthcare outcomes while ensuring data safety and privacy.



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