10 Jan 2024

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Meet Ho Jing Rui, 2023 SgIS Healthcare Scholar

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Ho Jing Rui, Bachelor of Science (Mathematical and Computer Sciences)

How did you get interested in Mathematical & Computer Sciences

From an early age, I was captivated by the thrill of solving math problems, and the sense of accomplishment that came with overcoming challenging puzzles was unmatched. As an avid gamer, I also found myself drawn to computers and their inner workings, which deepened my fascination with the world of technology. 

As I grew up, I discovered the strong connection between Computer Science and mathematics, realising that studying both fields would provide me with a unique advantage and enable me to tackle complex real-world challenges effectively.

Why did you apply for the SgIS Scholarship?

I actually applied for this scholarship before I started university but got rejected. That made me more determined to excel academically, so that I can reapply after my first year at NTU. What enticed me about the scholarship was the approach of applying to an industry rather than a single company, granting access to a diverse array of opportunities with just one application. 

When I was offered an interview opportunity in the healthcare industry, I felt immense joy as it resonated perfectly with my aspirations to utilise my mathematical and computer science skills to contribute meaningfully by providing the best IT support to Singapore's healthcare community.

What are your future aspirations for HealthTech?

I believe that with up-and-coming technology, the HealthTech industry can grow to aid the Healthcare Professionals in serving their patients better. I firmly believe that as technology continues to advance, HealthTech can play a pivotal role in streamlining healthcare processes, reducing complexities, and improving patient outcomes. 

I am passionate about promoting user-friendly experiences and hope to be able to embark on HealthTech projects that will help align with the needs of its users, regardless of their technical background. By fostering seamless integration and understanding, healthcare professionals can harness the power of HealthTech to deliver the best possible care without being hindered by technological barriers.

What are you looking forward to when you join Synapxe?

I am looking forward to collaborating with a team that shares my passion for technology and its potential to transform the HealthTech landscape in Singapore. Utilising my capabilities, I aspire to contribute significantly to advancing healthcare technology and making a positive impact on the lives of millions through our collective efforts. 

I am also excited about the personal growth and development opportunities that await me in such a dynamic and impactful organisation. The chance to be part of a company that touches the lives of many daily is a rare opportunity, and I am determined to embrace every possibility for growth and learning while contributing my skills to further Synapxe's vision of Inspiring Tomorrow’s Health.



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