22 Apr 2024

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Meet Jie Min: Orchestrating the flow of digital healthcare data

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In 2021, when Jie Min started her search for an internship opportunity, she knew that she wanted a fulfilling work experience that would make a difference in people’s lives.

Jie Min had personally benefited from HealthHub, a mobile application by Synapxe, while being the caregiver to her elderly grandmother. The digitalisation of Singapore’s healthcare has been incredibly useful when dealing with the needs of an elderly family member, like how she is able to use HealthHub to make medical appointments for her grandmother, significantly cutting waiting times and allowing Jie Min to better plan her schedule. This experience inspired her to join Synapxe’s internship programme.

Fast-forward to 2024, Jie Min rejoined Synapxe through the HealthTech Associate Programme (HAP), subsequently becoming a full-fledged Systems Analyst with the Clinical Specialty team. She describes her role as being at “the heart of innovation, spearheading transformative projects.  

What are the projects you currently work on in Synapxe?

As a Systems Analyst with the Clinical Specialty team; I’m at the heart of innovation, spearheading transformative projects.

The system I’m working on is called National Healthcare Group (NHG) Harmonised DentalNotes(iDN). iDN is a dental electronic medical record (EMR) platform designed to enhance information sharing and harmonise workflows across NHG dental clinics.

Typically, systems analysts are involved in conducting requirements analysis, system implementation, and provide on-going application support. They will need to build strong rapport with business users, identify their needs, and convert them into system specifications.

What is your current focus?

I am currently orchestrating seamless integration and user-friendly experiences as we scale iDN across all NHG dental clinics. I also contribute to Singapore’s vision of "One Patient, One Health Record" by working towards the sharing of NHG dental clinic data with the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), shaping the future of healthcare information sharing.

What is your role in Synapxe?

Imagine me as the conductor of an orchestra, harmonising different elements to create a symphony of success. The work I do is akin to that of a product owner, where I navigate:

  • Vendor Management: Building partnerships with vendors to drive excellence
  • Procurement Activities: Acquiring the products and services needed
  • Requirements Gathering: Capturing the essence of what our users require for closer alignment of system capabilities and their business needs.
  • Addressing User Queries: Ensuring a seamless experience for our healthcare professionals.
  • Leading UAT Sessions: Fine-tuning our solutions based on user feedback.
  • Go-Live Activities: Collaborating with diverse teams to successfully deploy their interfaces in iDN and ensure a smooth launch

What motivates you as a Systems Analyst in HealthTech?

I love my Systems Analyst role as it allows me to meet people who share the same passion and vision for healthcare as me. Being a digital maestro means having a vision for the future of the system that I’m working on and for healthcare. It's about rallying our Synapxe team and colleagues from the public healthcare sector, turning diverse talents into a harmonious force working towards a shared success.

Sum up your Synapxe experience in 3 words

Dynamic, Impactful, Challenging

Why did you intern at Synapxe?

1) Upskilling opportunities:

Back when I was an intern, I seized the chance to enrol in online courses focusing on Agile Project Management, laying the foundation for my professional journey as a Project Manager. Synapxe values continuous learning.

Interns, much like their full-time counterparts, are empowered to enhance their skill sets through courses from an online learning provider. There is access to a diverse array of courses, covering topics ranging from Amazon Web Service (AWS) and people management skills to software architecture and beyond.

2) Exposure to diverse projects:

As the technology partner of public healthcare institutions in Singapore, Synapxe is at the forefront of a multitude of projects, showcasing the expansive opportunities within the HealthTech domain that Synapxe actively supports. During my internship, I contributed to a groundbreaking telehealth initiative, specifically the Health Discovery (HD+) app, designed to empower patients with chronic diseases to better manage their health.

Transitioning into a full-time role as a graduate, I took on the challenge of working on the dental Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, iDN. Each project serves as a distinct learning journey, offering unique challenges and invaluable insights that have enriched my professional growth. The diversity of projects at Synapxe ensures a dynamic and rewarding experience for every team member, interns included.

How did your mentor/team support you?

1) A leap into project leadership:

A standout experience for me was the opportunity to lead the iDN Data Contribution to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) project. As a fresh graduate – this was an opportunity that was hard to come by.

This initiative aligns with Singapore’s vision of “One Patient, One Healthcare Record,” ensuring accessibility of dental records across all public healthcare institutions and some private healthcare institutions. The trust placed in me to spearhead this project, along with the guidance provided, allowed me to stretch my capabilities as an IT project manager. This experience wasn't merely about achieving project goals and milestones; it was about crafting something meaningful from inception, witnessing the intricate pieces of a project seamlessly converge.

2) Investing in my growth:

My supervisor and team supported my commitment to continuous improvement by encouraging me to enrol in fully sponsored external courses. For instance, she encouraged me to go for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation course, which led me to attain my ITIL Foundation v4 certification.

3) Understanding the why:

My team didn't just hand me tasks; they unfolded the stories behind them. By meticulously explaining the 'why' behind every assignment, they empowered me to see beyond actions and better understand the workings of projects.

4) Guidance through challenges:

Whenever I faced roadblocks, I received valuable advice from my mentor and team, who offered insights on how to navigate challenges effectively. For example, when dealing with the complexity of our system, which involves multiple interfaces managed by different departments, effective troubleshooting is essential. When the system does not function as expected, we need to be able to swiftly pinpoint the cause and know what resources to tap on.

I struggled with this initially but was lucky to receive guidance from my colleagues. Apart from gaining knowledge about the intricate workings of the system, I learnt to cultivate a systematic approach to problem-solving. This includes developing SOPs to isolate issues and gather necessary information from relevant sources, and conveying information to different stakeholders and parties in the fastest and easiest manner.

What is the difference between your experience as an intern and a HealthTech Associate?

During my internship, I had the privilege of leading initiatives. For instance, one of the highlights of my internship was the creation of a reporting dashboard along with a fellow intern.

We devised a dashboard that efficiently tracked project status, adherence to Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), and more, significantly enhancing visibility of these areas across the team. Post-graduation, these initiatives have seamlessly integrated into my current role, becoming an integral part of propelling entire projects forward.

While graduates typically return to the teams they interned with, I joined a different department due to evolving business needs. The transition from intern to HealthTech Associate comes with two noticeable distinctions: increased leadership opportunities and heightened accountability for projects.

As the saying goes, with great power comes greater responsibility. Moving up to become working professionals and full-time staff, there is an expectation to carry ourselves with accountability as we are serving as representatives of the organisation.

Any last words for students / graduates considering a career in Synapxe?

Consider the skills you aspire to acquire. Synapxe is a hub of innovation, providing an environment where you can hone your existing skills and cultivate new ones.

Joining Synapxe is a chance to make a meaningful contribution to healthcare. Your work will directly impact the quality of life for individuals, and you'll play a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare solutions.


Ready to make a difference? Join us as an intern or HealthTech associate here: https://www.synapxe.sg/careers.


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