04 Mar 2024

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Meet Ho Si Xian, 2023 Healthcare Graduate Studies Award

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How did you get interested in Business/Data Analytics?

My interest in data analytics started during my undergraduate final year project in life sciences. I worked on a project that focused on studying the microbiome profiles of patients with a specific disease, comparing these profiles with those of healthy individuals.

To achieve the intended outcome, I conducted experiments to obtain the genetic sequences of microbes in each clinical sample. Subsequently, I translated this genetic information into a table of numbers that reflects the amount of microbes detected in each sample, using bioinformatics techniques.

Then employing different data analytic techniques, I was able to identify patterns and relationships within the dataset and found distinctive differences in the microbiome profiles between healthy and diseased patients. This process of turning seemingly random numbers on an Excel sheet into revealing insights fascinates me. Seeing how each piece of information, when used and studied correctly, can reveal a lot has inspired me to learn more about data analytics.

Why did you apply for the Healthcare Graduate Studies Award?

It has always been my desire to contribute to the healthcare sector in any way possible. To me, working in healthcare simply has a meaningful purpose where no matter which position you are in the ecosystem of healthcare, it will still have an impact on the lives of patients. My previous experience as a data management coordinator at National Cancer Centre Singapore provided me with firsthand insights into how data analysis can identify areas for enhancing patient care. For instance, we could explore the factors contributing to high hospital bills for certain patients and evaluate the effectiveness of existing schemes. These insights derived from analysis could drive targeted improvements that elevate the quality of care provided.

Although my role provided me with valuable knowledge, I recognised that I still have much more to learn. I believe that a master’s programme would provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter that goes beyond just learning specific skills, especially when compared to online courses.

I was happy to be offered the Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA) by Synapxe, as it aligned with my academic and career objectives in enhancing my skillset and advancing my career in the healthcare industry. This award offers the support I need to achieve these aspirations. With this scholarship, I can focus wholeheartedly on my studies without any financial burden, enabling me to dedicate my spare time to practicing and internalising the concepts. The scholarship also provides opportunities to network with like-minded individuals who are equally committed to advancing healthcare and that presents a unique platform for learning.

What are your future aspirations for HealthTech?

My future aspiration for the HealthTech industry is to create a healthcare experience that is easier for patients to navigate and confidently rely upon. I envision a HealthTech landscape where patients can trust the technology as much as they trust their doctors. This means developing HealthTech solutions that not only simplify the patient’s journey through the healthcare system but also build a sense of reliability and confidence in their effectiveness.

In an ideal scenario, patients will be able to benefit from personalised treatment plans that are perfectly tailored to their unique needs. HealthTech will play a crucial role in making this possible by utilising data-driven approaches. Decisions about treatments and care will be based on objective data, ensuring that patients receive evidence-based care that is both effective and consistent.

They will feel assured that the quality of care remains the same irrespective of the specific healthcare institution they choose. This consistency and quality assurance will be made possible through the integration of HealthTech solutions that are standardised and data-driven.

What are you looking forward to when you join Synapxe?

I am excited to work with professionals from diverse backgrounds and experts in the field. The opportunity to learn directly from these experts is something that I’m eagerly anticipating as well. I also can’t wait to dive into hands-on projects where I can apply the knowledge I’ve acquired through my education to practical use. Testing my abilities in real-world situations is a challenge that excites me and helps me grow. Additionally, I am also looking forward to experiencing the new office space that is coming up!



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