CMS Tiering Framework for Primary Care (effective Apr 2023)


The CMS tiering framework includes:

  • Integration with web services under the Healthier SG programme;
  • Integration with web services under the CHAS and Clinical programmes;
  • Contribution to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) system to facilitate sharing of summary patient records across healthcare providers for care continuity;
  • Cybersecurity requirements in line with the MOH Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials (HCSE) guidelines that were issued to healthcare licensees; and
  • Code of Practice on CMS data portability to facilitate GP clinics that intend to switch subscriptions to another CMS vendor while upholding the fidelity of patient records.

For more details on the Healthier SG programme, you may refer to
The CMS tiering will be updated progressively to incorporate additional CMS features as requirements evolve.

Tier Healthier SG Programme CHAS Programme  Clinical Programme  Mandatory Requirements1 
 Tier 1 (HSG compatible)  Core suite of Healthier SG web services All 7 non-optional services in CHAS Bundle  CDLENS + NIR + CMIS  1) NEHR contribution capability2

2) Compliance to CMS Cybersecurity Requirements3

3) Adherence to Code of Practice for CMS Data Portability4
 Tier 2  NA NA  CDLENS 



Healthier SG Programme1 CHAS Programme Clinical Programme
1. Enrolment

2. Resident Health Plan

3. Simple referrals

4. Enrolment benefits2 (3 additional requirements)

5. Care reporting
1. Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS) - Medical

2. Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)

3. Clinical Indicators Data Collection (CIDC)

4. Screen for Life (SFL)

5. Vaccination and Childhood Developmental Screening Subsidies (VCDSS)

6. PHPC Flu Subsidy Scheme (FSS), Swab And Send Home (SASH)

7. PHPC Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS)

8. CHAS Appeal & Accreditation (optional)

9. CHAS Dental (optional)

10. MWHealth (optional)
1. Communicable Diseases Live & Enhanced Surveillance (CDLENS)

2. National Immunisation Registry (NIR)

3. Critical Medical Information Store (CMIS)

1For details on the requirements under the HSG programme, including new requirements from Jan 2024, click here

2The 3 additional requirements are (1) Patient Drug Delivery request; (2) HSG Chronic Tiers and access the Subsidy Tier Calculator and (3) MediSave claim for CDMP bills - Removal of minimum Co-payment requirement

For clarifications or enquiries on Healthier SG, CHAS or Clinical Programme web-services, you can email



Healthier SG-Compatible CMSes (as of 24 Jun 2024)

(A)  List of Tier 1 CMSes, which are HSG-compatible. The list will be next refreshed in Jan 2025, based on the prevailing HSG-compatibility requirements under the CMS Tiering Framework for Primary Care.






Not Healthier SG-Compatible (as of 17 May 2024)

(B1) List of Tier 2 CMSes which are not HSG-compatible

Ref CMS Name CMS Partner Name
1 iMedic Doctor                       United Crest Healthcare Pte Ltd


(B2) Other CMSes, which are not Tier 2 CMSes or HSG-compatible

Ref CMS Name CMS Partner Name
1 Arvie Knowledge Catalyst Pte Ltd
2 CareStack Good Methods Global Inc
3 Clinicea  Technolarity Pte Ltd
4 EM2Clinic EM2AI Pte Ltd
5 GetDoc CMS Jireh Group Pte Ltd
6 Noak CMS Noak Pte Ltd
7 S-EMR                                  Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd

SmartCMS Programme is an open invitation to Clinic Management System (CMS) providers to enhance their CMS through integration with the public healthcare system. It supports the seamless information flow between clinics and the public healthcare systems, and promotes continual engagement and partnership to benefit the Primary Care sector. SmartCMS Programme offers a variety of smart services for CMS providers to increase their productivity, benefiting the clinics and the patients they serve to ultimately improve the patient's experience. 

Convenient submission of clinical data

Seamless exchange of information with public healthcare systems



  • How can I join the SmartCMS Programme?

    Synapxe invites all CMS Vendors to join us and be a SmartCMS programme participant. SmartCMS programme enhances your solution through an increasing number of web services offered, aiming to increase clinics’ productivity by streamlining claims submissions and clinical information data flow with public healthcare systems. 

    A total of four briefing sessions will be conducted annually, please refer to the schedule for year 2023 and registration details below.  

    Event Q1 2024 Q2 2024 Q3 2024  Q4 2024
     Registration deadline for briefing session  03 Feb 2024  03 May 2024  03 Aug 2024  03 Nov 2024
     Briefing session*  15 Feb 2024  15 May 2024  15 Aug 2024  15 Nov 2024
     Confirmation of intent & acceptance of service agreement  25 Feb 2024  25 May 2024  25 Aug 2024  25 Nov 2024
     Earliest anticipated testing period  Q2 2024  Q3 2024  Q4 2024  Q1 2025
     Target Go-Live  Q1/2 2024  Q3/4 2024  Q4 2024 / Q1 2025  Q2 2025


    *For new providers to the programme, please submit the completed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form in the Resources to by the stipulated registration deadline. Upon receiving the required documents, we will email the details on the time and venue of the briefing session to you.
  • What are the benefits to my company after successful on-boarding to the SmartCMS Programme?
    The following are the potential benefits for companies enrolled to SmartCMS programme:

    • Enable your CMS (Clinic Management System) application to better serve your clients, by providing them an integrated means to perform their claim / report submission under selected government schemes, such as CHAS, CDMP claim submission or CIDC report submission, by using our SmartCMS’ web services.
    • Synapxe will recognise your product as “SmartCMS enabled” upon successful on-boarding and meeting all criteria set for the programme.
  • Does my company need to pay any subscription fee to utilise the services under the SmartCMS Programme?
    There is no intent to impose subscription fee for SmartCMS participating vendors at this juncture.
  • Will my company be reimbursed or funded for work undertaken relating to SmartCMS Programme?
    No funding or any form of reimbursement will be provided to the CMS providers / companies for work undertaken for SmartCMS programme.
  • What does my company need to do before attending the briefing session?
    Interested parties attending the briefing session are required to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and e-mail the signed copy to when indicating your company’s attendance for the session. Please also bring the original signed copy on actual day to complete the submission.
  • Is there any way for my company to find out more about this programme before I can decide whether to come for the briefing session?
    You may send us your queries via Should you need to speak to us, please leave your contact in your query. Our staff will contact you the soonest possible.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Service Agreement

Company Profile (Inc. Clinic List)




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