30 May 2024


Synapxe introduces ‘HEALIX’, a new Cloud-based analytics platform

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Powering the next lap in the collaboration and data analysis capabilities for public healthcare in Singapore

Synapxe, the national HealthTech agency, has launched HEALIX, the platform for Health Empowerment thru Advanced Learning & Intelligent eXchange. This was announced by Senior Minister of State (SMS) for Communications and Information & Health Dr Janil Puthucheary in his speech at the Asia Tech x Singapore event this morning.

HEALIX is the first comprehensive cloud-based analytics platform for the entire public healthcare sector. It deploys leading edge cloud-native tools, supporting the rapid development of AI models to improve patient care. It brings together the public healthcare sector’s data needs on a single platform, and opens up collaborative possibilities and efficiencies to reap the benefits of data driven insights and AI. 

From June 2024, all public healthcare entities will start to be onboarded to HEALIX. Public healthcare entities and government agencies will be able to increasingly leverage this platform, designed as a standardised, secure and scalable environment to conduct analytics projects. Through a common platform, users can enjoy faster access to a more comprehensive set of de-identified data for analytics projects, and achieve significant savings in costs and manpower compared to maintaining individual data analytics systems. This will enable more rapid development of analytics models, for use in areas such as population health-related research to achieve the vision of a Healthier SG.

Ms Ngiam Siew Ying, CEO of Synapxe, said:

“HEALIX represents a groundbreaking step for Singapore’s public healthcare ecosystem, through the development of a comprehensive cloud-based analytics platform. Over time, it will provide more cutting-edge cloud-native tools, to meet the AI and machine learning needs for research and development in public healthcare use cases. This forward-thinking initiative demonstrates Synapxe’s commitment to enable public healthcare users to leverage data and insights across the entire sector in a safe, transformative, collaborative and cost-effective manner, ultimately delivering positive impact for health in Singapore.” 

Collaboration with the industry to co-create HEALIX

HEALIX will be housed on both the Government Commercial Cloud (GCC) and Healthcare Commercial Cloud to ensure a seamless integration of actionable insights. To support the capabilities of HEALIX, Synapxe is first collaborating with AWS to develop the consolidated data infrastructure that will streamline the operations of this common platform.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Synapxe and AWS to collaborate on HEALIX was announced at AWS Singapore Summit on 7 May 2024 as part of the AWS AI Spring program. Under the MoU, Synapxe will gain early access to AWS’ new tools and services such as generative AI, insights into data analytics and machine learning best practices, technical workshops, and advice on optimising costs, to ensure seamless interoperability and inter-connectivity of the HEALIX infrastructure.

Elsie Tan, Worldwide Public Sector, Country Manager, Singapore, AWS said, “AWS is proud to be one of the key partners to collaborate with Synapxe on HEALIX, which will empower all public healthcare providers in Singapore to unlock, connect, and transform data into actionable insights to deliver better patient outcomes. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Synapxe to boost healthcare innovation leveraging the power of cloud and data analytics, and accelerate public sector adoption of AI together as partners under the AWS AI Spring program.”

For HEALIX to achieve its long-term objective as the future-ready, open and scalable analytics platform, Synapxe will continue to work with more industry partners like service providers in data intelligence, data visualisation and system integrators to onboard more and new capabilities into the platform. Such partnerships will help to strengthen HEALIX’s continued ability to operate in an environment with diverse data sources and sophisticated analytics and AI solutions, enabling more capabilities and greater innovation to meet the growing needs of the public healthcare sector.


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