About Next Generation Electronic Medical Record (NGEMR)

The Next Generation Electronic Medical Record (NGEMR) is one of the three major healthcare programmes that Singapore has embarked on to transform care delivery in Singapore.

As a single unified electronic medical record (EMR) across the National University Health Systems (NUHS) and National Healthcare Group (NHG), NGEMR enhances care management and delivery, while empowering patients. It records the entire patient journey across different care settings, enabling patient-centric care and seamless care transition. NGEMR also supports clinical decision with its intelligent alerts and data analytical capabilities. The aggregation of data translates to insights for medical education, research and population management to achieve better health outcomes.

Enhances health outcomes through patient-centric care model  

Enhances decision support and integration with standardised data 

Increases efficiency, right-siting of care and patient empowerment 

Reduces the number of healthcare IT systems needed   


NGEMR at a glance


NHG and NUHS were using EMR systems that were developed in 1998. These systems progressively expanded into a collection of integrated modules to work with other systems for care delivery. With the ageing population and rising burden of chronic diseases, there is a need to modernise and harmonise their EMR systems to support delivery of patient-centric care.


NGEMR is a multi-year project that consolidates care delivery and patient management capabilities across the NHG and NUHS clusters. A modern, unified EMR system, NGEMR replaces close to 90 of the legacy systems at NHG and NUHS, and harmonises workflows, data and reports. NGEMR is deployed in phases to more than 40 institutions including key partners of NHG and NUHS.


The NGEMR has far-reaching benefits across the healthcare system. For patients, NGEMR offers an integrated care plan that enhances health outcomes and promotes patient empowerment. Providers benefit from the system’s intelligent alert and data analytics capabilities, which increase the accessibility and quality of data collected throughout the patient journey, leading to better decision making. Furthermore, the aggregated data generated by the NGEMR also supports medical education, research and population management initiatives.

Future Outlook

NGEMR is more than a health IT project. It is a key enabler for healthcare transformation, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of care across the NHG and NUHS.


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