24 Apr 2024

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Joining HealthTech as a software developer? Here’s what you should know

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Want to know how to make yourself a standout candidate? Victor Chai, Deputy Director at Synapxe’s Software Engineering & Development (SEED) department, dishes the must-have qualities for software developers.

With a mission to simplify complex technologies and techniques, achieve high engineering quality, consistency and efficiency, and reduce cognitive load for every developer within SEED, Victor and his team of software engineers help to establish the tech stack, development standards and guidelines, application development platform and more.

Read on to learn about the essential software developer skills and tips to boost success for your interview.

Are there any specific technical or soft skills needed for a software developer role in the HealthTech industry?

Technical skills like .NET, nodejs and python for backend developers, and ReactJS for frontend developers are essential. In terms of soft skills, it is important for all of us to have the curiosity to learn new things. 

What tools or software do you use daily at work?

We use Visual Studio or VS code as an integrated development environment (IDE) for our day-to-day development. We then deploy our applications using automated DevSecOps platform for deployment, and we use our in-house built cloud native monitoring solution for automated monitoring, tech support and troubleshooting.

Are there common questions or topics that candidates should be ready to discuss during the interview?

We typically ask candidates their greatest achievement in their past experience, how they made the achievement, what obstacles they faced and how they overcame the obstacles.

What are some characteristics you look for in candidates?

We look for three specific characteristics in candidates - Passion, Obsession, and Attention. It is important that the individual has the passion for technical excellence and learning new things, the obsession to get it done and the attention to the details until the final touch.

What advice would you give to individuals who are looking to build a successful career in HealthTech?

Do continuously build up your technology competency and build up your healthcare domain knowledge.

Do you have advice for a candidate who is looking to switch careers?

It is challenging if you are switching to software development as a career change. One way to get started is to work on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has a lower barrier of entry, and other low-code platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps.

Share a memorable interview with a candidate.

There was an interview where we already decided to hire this candidate 30 minutes into the session. It was a memorable interview as this candidate clearly demonstrated the three traits we are looking for - passion, obsession and attention.

What is one deal-breaker that will make you not hire a candidate?

Being unprepared - not prepared to sell their strength, and not doing necessary checks on the company or the role they are interviewing for.

What will make you hire a candidate on the spot (if you could)?

If the candidate possesses experience that is aligned to our tech stack and can articulate how their past experiences will help him or her to excel in the new job, it would be a green flag for me.


Keen to join the HealthTech sector as a software developer? Check out the job opportunities here!


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