Synapxe is the national HealthTech agency, creating solutions to improve the lives of millions every day, everywhere.


Our name: Synapxe (pronounced as "sci-naps")

Like the synapses that connect and transmit information between neurons in our body, we are the nexus of HealthTech that connect people and systems, and accelerate technology innovation to transform health. The X in Synapxe is symbolic of the multiplier potential to deliver better health and better care at scale.


Our logo mark

The Synapxe symbol is a cogent representation of our future-forward perspective and a vibrant rendition of optimism for the future. Its intelligible X-shape design serves as an impactful equation; reminding us of the exponential potential we hold to accelerate the next generation of health innovation and transformation, ultimately and positively impacting the lives of millions of people around us.


Our vision

Inspiring Tomorrow's Health


Our purpose

To improve the health of millions every day, everywhere




Agility with Integrity

We remain relevant and resilient by adapting quickly to changing needs and requirements of society. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain the highest possible ethical and professional standards, in order to retain trust and credibility.

Behaviours we embody:
  • We are flexible and adapt to changes while upholding high standards.
  • We are open to new perspectives, accommodating different views while maintaining objectivity.
  • We take ownership and deliver what we have promised.
  • We clarify and prioritise before executing.
  • We take accountability for our mistakes and do it right the next time.
  • We find the best way to achieve outcomes while upholding quality.

Innovation through Collaboration

Innovation is the spirit that drives our existence. It is the force that creates new value. We accelerate innovation through a collaborative culture, bringing diverse perspectives and an inclusive process to shape better products and services.

Behaviours we embody:
  • We embrace ideas, encourage inclusivity and respect alternate views and feedback.
  • We work with others to reduce complexity and solve problems together.
  • We are curious and inquisitive, challenging assumptions and developing novel ways of doing things.
  • We listen without judging, meeting people where they are and seeking first to understand.
  • We exchange knowledge and ideas to support one another and help others succeed.

Mastery and Efficacy

We believe in fostering an environment where skills can be developed and opportunities for growth are nurtured. Our aim is to empower everyone to reach their potential by delivering solutions that make a real impact.

Behaviours we embody:
  • We constantly strive to better ourselves and others.
  • We relentlessly pursue excellence and battle complacency, continuously pushing boundaries.
  • We are excited about learning new things within and beyond our scope of work.
  • We learn from mistakes and eliminate reoccurrences, even when things are going well.
  • We actively impart knowledge and skills to others.

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